Frequently Asked Questions

Orthotics are supportive devices for helping to balance the posture of your feet.
They can be prefabricated or custom made.
Many aches in our feet and legs are attributed to our foot mechanics, how our feet are shaped and how it is they work. Orthotics help to improve the balance in our feet.
They are placed in your footwear you are using

  • when active in sport
  • on your feet at work
  • day to day activity
Orthotics have a life span of 5 – 10 years. They may be affected by the unique way each foot type exerts pressure on the orthotic shells.
For children it averages 2 years before the foot has outgrown the orthotic.
Having adequate depth at the heel of shoes is very important. This helps to keep the orthotic and foot well supported. (Footwear Advice) Often it is best to use new shoes as excessively worn shoes can reduce the effectiveness of the orthotics.
Even moderate exercise can create stresses through the limbs, muscles and joints that over time can create injury.
Our feet are often neglected. Commonly it is only when we have pain we consider seeing someone about it. Considering our feet will cover over 100,000 kilometres in a life time it is not surprising this complex part of our body accounts for over a quarter of the entire bones in our body. Our feet and limbs comprised of a complex of muscles, ligaments and uniquely shaped bones and joints function essentially as our body’s “suspension” system.
It is not surprising they become vulnerable to repeated stresses, whether they be caused by sport, occupation or illness. Most people may consult a doctor or physiotherapist initially, yet the podiatrist is a qualified health professional able to assess, diagnose and treat conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs.



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